Engaging Talent is a consulting firm, helping companies develop best in class training programs, leadership initiatives and executive coaching.  We partner with our clients to discover their development needs, design effective solutions, and then we package it all up and deliver it with polish.

We've honed our approach to provide our clients with a thoughtful and impactful approach that delivers results.

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Our workshops and webinars build the skills employees need to succeed and thrive.  Our purpose is to help employees engage in their company’s strategy, their team goals and their careers.

Our leadership programs focus on the capabilities, strategies, and executive presence that leaders need to make an impact on their teams and the organization.

Developing managers to provide direction, feedback, and build high performing teams is critical to your organization’s long-term success. The Engaging Talent Group develops management programs based on your strategic initiatives, culture, and employee feedback to deliver the skills and results that you need.

Develop executives and high-potentials with one-on-one coaching

We can accomplish a lot in a coaching engagement!  Our coaching engagements are a powerful development initiative that helps to realize the development areas and create an Action Plan for tackling the leadership stumbling blocks.  We can make transitions successful, assist with promotions and develop the skills needed to lead and manage for better and sustained results.

Executive Coaching Engagements focus on:

  • Leaders transitioning to a new company or role

  • Leaders refining their communication skills, executive presence, and engaging stakeholders and teams locally and globally

  • Emerging leaders taking on more responsibilities, gaining exposure to senior leaders, and preparing for a more senior role

In addition to our Executive Coaching, we also offer Group Coaching Sessions and Skills Based Coaching.

Group Coaching brings coaching tools and strategies into a small group context. It is a structured and engaging conversation space, that focuses on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability.

Skills Coaching focuses on developing communication, presentation, brand and/or presence skills. The sessions are customized to meet your exact needs. Our coaches will partner with you to determine which coaching package is best for your needs and goals. 

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partner with your company on talent strategy

If you're launching a new initiative or ready to kick your talent or diversity programs into a higher gear, our consultants are the perfect guide to help you get you there.

Combined with our coaching & development practices, you'll have the support, ideas, execution and follow-up to see deep impact in the project and the action map to continue engagement for months to come.

Consulting Services include:

  • Needs Assessment with your senior management team

  • Gather feedback and input from employees using virtual and in-person techniques

  • Curriculum Development

  • Talent & Development Strategy

  • Custom Program Development

  • Analyze impact of Talent & Development Initiatives

  • Employee Survey Analysis and Next Steps